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Counselling & Psychotherapy in Barnet, London N20

Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Gurvinder. I am an integrative psychotherapist, qualified to work with individuals and couples face to face, on Skype, Zoom or via telephone sessions via WhatsApp Video. I also offer group counselling in my private practice at Barnet N20, North Finchley . Local surrounding areas Arnos Grove, Friern Barnet, Finchley, South Barnet, Southgate, & Whetstone. You can read some of my clients' testimonials here.

I have over 15 years of experience working in the NHS and various therapeutic community-based settings. I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

I undertake short-term and long-term therapeutic work with the aim of enabling you to enhance your life and to live it more fully. We will work collaboratively to identify the sources of your difficulties or concerns and help you to gain a deeper insight into yourself. I am committed to providing sessions in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment.

I am a member of the Black and Asian Therapy Network (BAATN) and can provide transcultural aware therapy, including providing sessions in Punjabi and Hindi. In addition, I am experienced in working with clients who are neurodiverse including providing dyslexia aware therapy.

I became a counsellor and psychotherapist after my own very positive experience of being a client in long-term therapy, which made lasting changes to how I saw and felt about my life.

Most of us have times in our lives when things get on top of us and we find it hard to cope.
You may have hit just such a rocky patch in your life and be looking for someone to help.
If you’re reading this you may be at that point yourself and be thinking about having some counselling or psychotherapy. When embarking on the journey it is important to find a counsellor you feel comfortable working with so I hope that I can give you an idea of what it might be like to work with me.

“There are three things we cry for in life: things that are lost, things that are found, and things that are magnificent.” ― Douglas Coupland

Areas of Work

I am experienced in helping people who have difficulties with: Addiction; Anger; Anxiety, Stress and Panic Attacks; Bereavement and Loss; Depression; Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence involving Trauma-Focused Therapy; and Relationship Problems. I explain more about each of these below.


Frequently indulging in something that feels good at the time then causes other problems is a vicious cycle that can be hard to get out of. Addiction is the result of a maladaptive coping mechanism that keeps people stuck in their life, an avoidant behaviour within most cases connected to early life trauma. Addiction could be drugs, drink, sex, anxiety, food, excessive shopping or spending large amounts of money the list goes on. Working together we will explore and identify the triggers related to trauma that leads to addictive behaviour and find new ways to break the vicious cycle you are in through making alternative choices to achieve positive change.

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Are you experiencing feelings of rage that feel impossible to contain, leading to explosive outbursts, breaking things, becoming violent, arguing with the people around you, losing your temper quickly, and lashing out physically or verbally? We can work together to identify the triggers for your anger and to find different ways for you to respond and express your emotions appropriately. By learning methods to manage your anger you can use it constructively to motivate yourself or solve problems.

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Anxiety, Stress, & Panic Attacks

Though these issues can affect different people in different ways, I have put them together under the same umbrella as they can all be debilitating and overwhelming in a similar way, causing difficulty with functioning on a day-to-day basis; you may find yourself avoiding certain social situations and other people, or put off carrying out necessary daily tasks and activities. Recognising the negative effect anxiety, stress, and panic attacks have on your life, and understanding that this is not OK is an important first step. Counselling and psychotherapy can help, as through working together, we will understand the difficulties you're experiencing and identify any underlying issues that may be causing your anxiety, stress, or panic attacks. Once your personal stress triggers are identified we will find new ways of coping thereby reducing their occurrence.

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Bereavement & Loss

This could be grief following the death of loved ones, your own serious illness, or the loss of something or someone. Through counselling, I can help you with understanding your mourning process, explore issues that could potentially prevent you from moving on, resolve any conflict still remaining, and aid you in adjusting to a new sense of self.

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If you're feeling deeply unmotivated and disconnected, unable to engage in life, or in a low mood that feels inescapable no matter what you do or try, constantly tearful and worried, having problems with concentration, irritable and intolerant of others, or indecisive then you may be experiencing depression. Counselling and psychotherapy can help you move forward.

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Domestic Abuse & Sexual Violence

Some statistics:

1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence in their lifetimes.
35 is the average number of times a woman is assaulted before calling for help.
You can click here to find out more.

I have many years of experience working as a front line practitioner with women and girls affected by domestic and sexual violence. I aim to provide trauma-focused therapy creating a therapeutic process that is reparation in nature, building trust through transparency within the client/therapist relationship. I work at my client’s pace to create a safe environment where the presenting trauma can be explored. I will work collaboratively with you in order to restore the power and control that the abuse took away and to empower you to make your own informed life choices and not to be defined by the abuse.

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Relationship Problems

Intimate relationships are the source of great highs and sometimes unbearable lows, whether it is with your family, partner or friends. You may also be finding work colleagues difficult or be struggling to adapt to different social situations while maintaining a true sense of 'me'. We can explore and understand the emotional dynamic that upsets the relationships most important to you. Click on Couples Therapy.

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Counselling & Psychotherapy in Barnet N20


My practice is in London Barnet, N20 with great accessibility via public transport including buses, underground/over-ground railway stations. Also, free parking if travelling via car to session.

The nearest London Underground tube stations are:
Totteridge & Whetstone (Northern Line, High Barnet branch)
Arnos Grove (Piccadilly line)

Bus from Totteridge & Whetstone tube station:
Turn left upon exiting the station
Walk up the hill to bus stop A
Catch the 251 bus towards Arnos Grove
After approximately 5 minutes, alight at bus stop BE - Bawtry Road
Cross over the road and turn right
Walk up the hill to The York Arms pub (closed)
Turn left onto York Way
At the end of York Way turn left onto Manor Drive
5 minutes walk to practice

Bus from Arnos Grove tube station:
Upon exiting the station cross over the road
From bus stop A catch the 34 bus towards Barnet Church or:
From bus stop, B catch the 251 bus towards Edgware
After approximately 5 minutes, alight at bus stop BK - Bawtry Road
Turn right and walk up the hill to The York Arms pub (closed)
Turn left onto York Way
At the end of York Way turn left onto Manor Drive
5 minutes walk to practice

Local surrounding areas Arnos Grove, Friern Barnet, Finchley, South Barnet, Southgate, & Whetstone.